Specialized Consultancy

Whether or not to expand abroad – either to establish new production facilities or to develop new markets – belongs to the most crucial business decisions of any company. The significant financial and organizational implications of such a decision leave no leeway for mistakes.

Let Sci-Tec assist you to get things right! To ensure the success of your investment in Asia, Sci-Tec develops complex market analyses, tailored towards the specific needs of your company that focus on the key question whether and where an investment is appropriate.

An international expert team of analysts with a profound regional background will take charge of your project (Our Team). Our analysts evaluate all relevant information concerning the market situation and give fundamental advice that provides your company with a decisive competitive edge.

Our analyses focus on:

  • Regional market evaluation – Forecast of market trends
  • Availability of a qualified workforce
  • Political stability
  • Identification of relevant contact persons abroad
  • Regional cultural and religious particularities

We meet the particular challenges of the respective branch with substantive experience and branch-specific specialized knowledge. As a reliable partner we accompany your project from the initial stages all the way to its implementation.